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Information Security Policy and Objectives

The goal of Cubilog Ltd is to provide services with its systems that meet both domestic and international requirements. It shall provide in a way that is unique on the market, with its customized constructions:

  • Remote monitoring solution for agricultural and industrial sites, where the use of the sensor network and the cloud-based IoT system can remotely control on-site production in terms of both safety and technology, and improve productivity by analyzing the collected data. burden of a significant share of technical, IT investment and operating costs. (AGRIGO, TELEPFELÜGYELET.HU)

  • We support the increase of efficiency and operation of production and manufacturing enterprises by using sensors, transforming the collected data into information, and displaying the connections of production processes. (INDUSTREE)

  • The sub-meters send the measured data to the data storage servers via a data acquisition device on a closed, secure mobile data network without data loss. (ESTIMA)

  • ensure a higher level of data security and availability (both in normal and emergency situations) in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 27001 information security management standard.


CUBILOG Ltd. has significant experience in the operation of sensor systems and has met a variety of challenges in this service segment that requires special expertise.

CUBILOG Ltd. offers exceptional conditions that integrate exceptional data security and high availability, an optimal environment for servers and sensor systems, and environmentally friendly solutions, and thus provides its business partners with professional, unique, cost-effective solutions.


CUBILOG Ltd. sets the Information Security Objectives

  • Through the fulfillment of the Quality Objectives (SLA fulfillment) set within the scope of the Quality Management System,

  • through the effective management of incidents that have occurred and are classified as serious within the Information Security Management System,

  • and through the effective management of non-compliances in the Information Security Management System

wants to measure.

Budapest, 2021. November 01.


Weibel Balázs


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